I have to say the entire experience was a
delight.  I was very happy with the service, and
the guys were so friendly to deal with.  My kids
I have to say the entire experience was a still
miss them!  I would and DID recommend them to
my neighbors!!

Kathy D. - Staten Island
I would like to commend everyone associated
with this job.  It was professional service by
fine men.  They delivered everything that was
promised and more.  They instill the utmost
confidence.  I am currently in the process of
contracting additional work through them.

Rev. Msgr. Nicholas Soares, Parish of St
Clement and St Michael
I highly recommend your services.  You were
professional, yet friendly.  I am a widow and
just wanted to feel like I was not being taken
advantage of.  I feel I go so much more than

Susan C. - Staten Island
We would like to thank all of our fine 'friends' that have called on us.  It  is our privilege to serve you and look forward to
doing so for many years to come.  We take our position as being among the best at what we do and all your home needs very
seriously.  We will continue to expect more from ourselves than anyone else possibly could expect from us so your needs are
always served in a way you and your home richly deserve.  Our motto is CDAWG C.A.R.E.S.  Committed.  We never willingly
give or accept second best.  Accountable.  We state what we will do and then provide service to your complete satisfaction.  
Reliable.  We respect and recognize your time is valuable.  We are there when we say we will be there.  Ethical.  We
operate from strong principles, high values and integrity.  Successful.  By adhering to our tenets we can operate a successful
business model and create a positive home improvement experience for our clients.  We are thankful for the  opportunity to
serve you and all your home improvement needs.
"When you are good to others you are
best to yourself."
-- Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)
Character is who you are when nobody is
Your work is great and on time, I appreciate
everything you and your guys did for me. I look
forward on using your company for future
remodeling of my home. This is without a doubt
the best experience I have had with a

Louie M - Staten Island
Police Officer NYPD
I can't say enough good things about Tommy and
his guys,they are the best.  It was like having
work done on my house by a close friend or
family member.  It is nice to know that a person
can get great work done by good,honest people
at a fair price.

Dan C - Staten Island
Police Officer NYPD
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